Dr Trevor Gervais is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who focuses on upper limb surgery in both adults and children. This includes acute traumatic injuries such as fractures and lacerations and degenerative conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

This website contains basic information about common upper limb conditions and an overview of treatment options – however, each case is unique so if you require advice in relation to a medical matter you may arrange a consultation.

Initial consultations involve assessment of the symptoms and investigations are often organised at that stage to help make a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been established, treatment options will be discussed. In many cases, non-operative management may be appropriate and not everyone who is referred will need an operation.

Dr Gervais operates at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital in Spring Hill and also in the northern suburbs at Northwest Private Hospital, Everton Park. Appointments are arranged as promptly as possible depending upon your condition.

The practice accepts referrals from general practitioners and emergency departments as well as referrals from other specialists. Once you have a referral, you can contact the practice to request an appointment.